Greg Monson

Founder / Head of Production

Hailing from Boulder, Colorado and raised by a family of scientists, Greg was instilled with an appreciation of the natural world from a young age. But the creative impulse took hold of Greg as a young man, and he decided to pursue a career in the arts, obtaining his bachelor’s in fine arts in film and television production from New York University. Through Lost Nomad Media, Greg hopes to merge the two fields of art and science together by creating compelling, innovative, film projects that open a window into the scientific community, and inspire viewers to learn more about the world around them.

John Lund

Founder / Creative Director / Lead Developer

John juggles well the application of abstract concepts to the concrete realities of digital media using his degree from the University of Southern California in philosophy and the School of Cinematic Arts’ Interactive Media Program. Trained in design and development, he has worked on projects including, but not limited to: fully 3D virtual environments for The National Geographic Society, complex Flash interactive programs and games for the Smithsonian Institution, educational games aimed at inspiring STEM learning for TERC, and mobile games built on empirical research for cognitive and physical rehabilitation. Now, he might be seen wandering the campus at San Francisco State University, where he is earning a Master’s Degree in Philosophy, with interests in Philosophy of Science and Applied Philosophy.

Thomas Zukowski

Art Director

Growing up in Boulder, Colorado, Thomas holds a degree in film production from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. Following graduation, Thomas freelanced in art departments for various film & television productions companies. Through those experiences, Thomas developed a strong interest in multimedia and graphic design. Thomas has developed imagery for a long list of film and television productions including Boardwalk Empire, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Up in the Air. Most recently, he has ventured into the field of web design where his love of the visual arts continues to dominate. In his free time, Thomas enjoys playing ping pong, creating electronic music, and seeking out L.A.’s best culinary treasures.

Gina Southern

Gina Southern

Director of Marketing

Gina is our Director of Marketing and is a Southern California native. With experience in marketing and brand promotion for a vast variety of products, combined with an in-depth knowledge of film and digital media, Gina is thrilled to help put Lost Nomad Media on the map. Gina procured her BA from California Polytechnic University, Pomona and is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Marketing. Traveling and the arts round out her main passions, which include writing and producing a webseries, and performing with dance ensembles throughout Los Angeles.

Ryan Baker

Ryan Baker

Business Operations

Ryan brings his business savvy to Lost Nomad Media as the director of business operations. With a degree in economics from New York University, Ryan is currently working towards his masters of business administration at the University of Southern California. Before joining the Lost Nomad Media team, Ryan worked with an equity receivership company where he managed the finances for a wide variety of $5 and $10 million companies in the real estate and corporate sectors. These businesses ranged from a green energy solutions company, to a 16 building apartment complex to a large car dealership in downtown LA. In his free time, Ryan can be found training for his next triathlon or catching up on the latest Science Channel programming.

Luke Renner

Luke Renner

Director of Communications

After graduating from USC, Luke returned home to Portland, Oregon to establish an SAT prep company. By employing a flexible business model and several viral marketing campaigns, Luke transformed his scrappy startup into a legitimate enterprise. Soon, he and his team had hundreds of clients and new referrals were coming in every day. Despite his success as an entrepreneur, Luke couldn’t resist the pull of an abroad adventure. In 2010, he left the company in good hands and moved to South Korea to teach English. When his contract ended at the end of last year, he decided five years was enough– it was time to finally return to LA.

How Things Got Started

Lost Nomad Media was founded in the Summer of 2010 by Greg Monson and John Lund. Inspired by their experiences traveling the world, the two young scholars started the company to document and share some of the stories that they encountered along the way. Combining their respective backgrounds in film production and interactive media, Greg and John are constantly developing new ways to present their stories to a global audience.

The Lost Nomad represents the consummate world traveler. For him the world is a playground, free of boundaries and constraints, open to wander and explore at will. Through creating informative and interactive projects around the world, LNM hopes to create the lost nomad experience for everyone, bridging international boundaries through information, and opening up the world for the inquisitive mind.

Monson/Lund - Summer 2010